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From Left to Right: Deborah Wiggins, The Clothes Tree; Robert Lampkin and Luan Nguyen, Fitness Together; Dr. Paul Koch; Barbara; Dr. Rousso; Scott Thomason, Oak Street Hair Group; and Lynn Leishman of the Birmingham Weekly.

Barbara’s Reveal Introduction upon arrivl at ‘G’.

Barbara and Dr. Paul Koch.

Barbara McIntyre and Dr. Daniel E. Rousso.

ABC’s Linda Mays interviewing Barbara at the Party


Makeover Birmingham TM Winner
Barbara McIntyre Revealed at Restaurant G Party
Wednesday, December 15, 2004

In just 10 short weeks, after being chosen the second Makeover Birmingham winner, Barbara McIntyre makes a Splash at her Reveal Party at Restaurant G. Barbara, wearing a Black evening gown and accessories selected from The Clothes Tree by Deborah, stepped from the Limo where local photographers were anxiously awaiting her arrival so they could snap the first photos of her since her transformation.

Hosting the event, Valerie Vining of Y94.5 introduced Barbara who received a standing ovation from her family, friends, surgeons and sponsors of the event. Linda Mays of ABC 33/40 was at 'G' to interview Barbara and the doctors who performed the surgery. Barbara is a 56-year-old Pelham Police officer, mother of two sons, a grandmother to four, and great grandmother to one. She said she entered the contest only four days before the application deadline. She exclaimed that it was "such a thrill" to have been selected as the Makeover Birmingham winner at the Southern Women's Show in October.

Barbara revealed at her consultation with Dr. Daniel Rousso of the Rousso Plastic Surgery Clinic that she had been concerned for some time about her facial wrinkles, neck laxity, neck wrinkling, and bags under her eyes. Barbara said that she would like to look as good on the outside as she felt on the inside.

Barbara consulted next with Dr. Paul Koch of Koch Aesthetic Dentistry, voicing her concerns about receding gums and bottom teeth that had shortened over time. Barbara confesses she was a teeth grinder. She also was very conscious of her metal partial clasps, which showed when she talked and smiled.

Barbara then began her transformation journey undergoing surgery by Dr. Daniel Rousso. Dr. Rousso performed facelift surgery, endoscopic forehead lift, upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, chin implant, and upper and lower lip enhancement. Barbara was placed on their OBAGI skincare regimen to improve facial skin texture and splotchy discoloration.

Dr. Paul Koch performed extensive dental reconstruction to include 8 porcelain veneers, 12 crowns, clear posts, and upper and lower aesthetic partials, with the help of the team of ceramists and artisans at Utah Valley Dental Lab. Together, they were able to eliminate the dark lines created by her old crowns and partials, double the height of her worn down lower front teeth, and give her a much more balanced and effective bite. The result is the beautiful smile that Barbara had been wanting.

Barbara spent eight of the 10 weeks exercising with Luan Nguyen and the Fitness Together Team's one-on-one approach. With them she learned healthier eating habits and new exercise strategies that work to help her maintain the weight she has lost and stay fit. Barbara remarked that the Fitness Together Team taught her more in eight weeks than what she had done over her entire life.

Barbara was ready for her wardrobe shopping trip just two weeks prior to her Reveal Party. Barbara met with Deborah Wiggins of The Clothes Tree who was extremely helpful showing Barbara a lovely evening wear line and business suit attire. Barbara had a lot of fun trying on numerous outfits until she found the perfect one.

Shopping over, Barbara was now ready for the final touches. Off to Scott Thomason at Oak Street Hair Group for a total hairstyle makeover. Barbara's hairstyle had not changed dramatically in a number of years, and she was excited about the color and highlight changes suggested by Scott and a new and softer hairstyle to complement and enhance her surgery changes. Not least but lastly, Barbara met with Jestina of AWARE Cosmetics who helped create Barbara's elegant final look with a cosmetics makeover. Of course, Barbara's experiences can now be shared with all. It is obvious in the "after" photos that all of the changes to Barbara truly transformed her and exceeded her expectations and was more than she ever imagined. As Barbara puts it, "I'm still on Cloud Nine!"

Tune in to ABC 33/40's The News at Noon with Linda Mays each day the week of Jan 3 as we take you step-by-step in Barbara's amazing transformation.



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